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Nutrition Distribution To Tribal Children

We are providing dry ration kits, nutrition support of fruits, coconut puddings, vitamin supplementation to the tribal poor children for their physical and emotional growth because the indifferent food supplementation in the Tribal style is not conductive to their orderly growth and well being and hence the SAMIDA with the support of other CSO networks like Bible Tabernacle Church USA and community have taken up the task of providing the nutrition support periodically. This distribution is happening every month and the supplementation can cater to the requirements for the month and is being carried under the guidance of trained staff and volunteers. The impact is that the families have begun initiating the home level nutrition provision in the best of the balanced pattern to the children and the replication is yet another measurable impact.

Asha Kiran – Send Children Back To The School In The Tribal Regions

SAMIDA is implementing the 26 Asha Kiran education centers in Ananthagiri Mandal of Alluri Seetharamaraju District and Ravikamatham Mandal Anakapalli district (Erstwhile Visakhapatnam District) with an intake of 1200 children who are all been the dropouts, never enrolled and laggards. The SAMIDA centres are serving as a bridge to empower children to be able to smoothly transition to regular school. Simultaneously, training of teachers will be undertaken to support children in studies. Enabling ecosystem is developed which comprises school premises, pedagogy that transitions from rote learning to conceptual methods that can keep both teachers and students engaged and engrossed among others.

Teachers are key in ensuring that students get the requisite lessons that keep their minds ignited for seeking knowledge. Students' likes and dislikes for attending classes, or interests in a particular subject, can be linked to their teacher quality of teaching. The challenge of improving quality of teaching is addressed by training teachers and supporting them with methodologies and community ownership, so that teachers take pride in their job. This will also encourage more people to take up teaching as a vocation, thus assisting in solving the non-occupied to the trained issues

General Health Camps In The Remote Tribal Villages And Schools

In an attempt to provide advanced school level health facilities in remote Tribal schools the SAMIDA has been organizing the medical camps and distributing the medicines and generally the school kids along with the villagers would attend these medical camps and a large number of locals including children, youngsters and elderly were the participants under the supervision of the doctors and para medical teams considering the fact that some of these tribal pockets are with chronic malaria, diarrhea, fevers and jaundice etc. and the recurrence would give way to the repetition of these. Hereby periodical testing would provide the signs and symptoms to these paving the way for early diagnosis and treatment. Another reason is that the community of far-flung are unable to approach the big hospitals for medical attention; we organize small camps to provide basic medicines and counsel them to visit bigger hospitals

Awareness On The Seasonal Diseases In The Rural And Tribal Villages

Stay warm, stay indoors and avoid direct and prolonged exposure to cold weather. Keep consuming enough water. Beyond common cold, arthritis, skin diseases, heart ailments and respiratory diseases flare up in winter season and advise to have a history of these diseases in the children and take appropriate measures to keep them in check are some of the awareness camps and provision for the proper upkeep of them. The summers are long and hot. Make sure that the children and elders are well protected from the harmful effects of hot rays and the summer heat can lead to several health problems, mainly dehydration and sunstroke.

In March month the allergies starts cropping up and the April is good for annual health checkups and 'spring clean' body. May causes Gastroenteritis (food poisoning) and heat strokes are commonly seen in this month. Eat and drink only at hygienic places. Avoid street food and drinks. Boil water before consumption if it is from an unreliable source.

In June the urinary tract infections, typhoid and cholera are commonly seen and the June month will see diseases like malaria, dengue, Chikun Gunia, jaundice, typhoid, hepatitis and gastroenteritis are on rise in this month, in October the viral fevers and allergies. Vector borne diseases such as dengue and malaria still hover around and in December the Flu, cough, pneumonia, respiratory infections, arthritis and other disease begin to creep in and here we counsel to stay healthy and eat healthy foods according to the season. Everyone is vulnerable to seasonal diseases so precaution is important. Keeping yourself healthy and fit is so important, for which you need to take a regular check-up.

Vitamin-A & Deworming Supplements Distribution To The Non-Coverage Tribal & Remote Rural Children

The SAMIDA has undertaken the Vitamin A and Albendozol distribution activities with the support of the Vitamin Angels USA is to ensure the exact beneficiaries are identified by our field volunteers, community mobilization drive, and awareness generation among the beneficiaries, stakeholder sensitization and consultative processes. Through this program, we have identified lesser reached villages and provided the needed inputs to the children of identified villages i.e. 6 months the Vitamin A and 1year to 59 months Albendizol at the 6 months interval. Under the aegis of SAMIDA the program is organized at different villages of Visakhapatnam, Anakapalli & Alluri Seetharamaraju Districts of Andhra Pradesh. All the children of the appropriate age group are assembled along with the parents and ascertained the ages i.e. appropriate for the dosage and taken the initial registration, prepared the kids in a queue and the organizing teams have prepared for the occasion.

A Brief Note On Nutrition
Awareness Generation And Supply Of Masks And Sanitizers
Awareness Generation On Seasonal Diseases
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General Medical Camp For Tribal Children
Groceries And Rice Distribution To Leprosy
Medical Camp To Leprosy Victims
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School Bags, Nutrition Distribution

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