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  • SAMIDADedicated to Poor
  • SAMIDADedicated to Poor
  • SAMIDADedicated to Poor

Building Community Resilience for Realising Rights and Entitlements for sustainable Livelihoods among fisher Folk in India through the Civil Society Organisations- Supported by the Commonwealth foundation, UK

Resilience of Rights and entitlement of fishermen

Fishermen community is the most vulnerable one which is being exploited by the mechanised boats and the traditional fishermen were suffering from their livelihoods too. Since it is traditional occupation and the people could not know other work also for their livelihood. SAMIDA by identifying this problem made convergence with fisheries dept., and other line depts., and created awareness on Rights and entitlements of the fishermen and effective functioning of CRZ, MFRA, for effective functioning and lobbying to the agencies formed a cooperative society to carry on the existing activities. It was also conducted the health camps to the fishermen community and created health awareness issues for their sound health.

Through this project major achievements are:

  • Formed a cooperative society for sustainability of the existing activities and also for the lobbying with the agencies for their Rights and entitlements.
  • Created health awareness and conducted health camps for their sound health.
  • Made one short film video documentation on their issues and life style and the hindrances for their development.

We at Sanga Mitra Development Association reach our vision by empowering local communities for addressing their challenges, by promoting technology, imbibing the principles of natural resources management.