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Promote Zari Cluster through formation of Federation & Business Development services in old city of Hyderabad - Supported By German Development Corporation (Gtz)

Zari cluster promotion activities:

Zari cluster is a traditional work which prevails in very few places. It was noticed that zari cluster workers are habituated at Hyderabad old city and by the exploitation of the money lenders and intermediates they could not get the money for their work eventually the traditional work is vanishing from the society. To protect the same SAMIDA had made convergence with GTZ (German Technological Corporation) and given training on the same with advanced technology and also established bank linkages with the support of SIDBI. Through this project total 150 families were rehabilitated and living happily. Project sustainability purpose SAMIDA promoted a cooperative society in the name and style of “Hyderabad city multipurpose mutually aided cooperative society” which was registered under cooperative societies Act, 1995.Through this the activities are perpetuating though the NGO has withdrawn the support.