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Children Living HIV/Aids Initiative(CLHA)

Clinton foundation USA- Care and support and referral services to CLHA

SAMIDA has accomplished the project of care and support for CLHA (child living with HIV/AIDS) with the support of Clinton foundation. It has covered total 25 villages of 68 children by providing nutrition and also counselling support to the family or guardians. Through home visits reduced the stigma and come to the society in the normal people.

Major achievements of this project:

SAMIDA has provided counselling support to the care takers of the affected children.
Accessed govt. Schemes to the beneficiaries.
SAMIDA provided nutrition support to the all infected and affected children.
Reduced stigma among the infected and also care takers.
Established amicable atmosphere with in their circle.
Accessed ART services through govt. To the eligible children.
Created awareness on low cost nutrition those are available in home based material.
Created awareness on opportunistic infections and accessed medical services.