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Income Generation Project (IGP):-Rastriya Grameen Vikas Nidhi (RGVN), Bhubaneswar

Small Business activities promotion to the rural poor women for their Livelihood Enhancement.

In this project we are providing the financial support to the rural women for the small business activities promotion for their income enhancement through the small business activities.

SAMIDA has provided the financial support for the small business like tea shop, pan shop, sheep rearing, Miltch cattle for the dairy activity and petty business activities under Income generation program. We are creating awareness on IGP activities and also monthly savings. We are conducted need and demand base survey in the village level and farming in to SHGs than after we provide the financial support under IGP project the following activities like petty business activities, vegetable vending and dairy development activities with the support of RGVN, Bhubaneswar. Under this project we covered 850 families and their enhanced quality of life of all the beneficiaries.

Sri N.Govinda rao Senior project Officer met the target community in the V.Sarabavaram village Rougunta Mandal.