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SLEEP-Project- Supported by - Rastriya Grameen Vikas Nidhi (RGVN), Bhubaneswar and HIVOS

Sustainable Livelihoods Enhancement and Enterprise promotion (SLEEP) activities through the promote Producer organisation to the Vegetable producers in the target area. In this project we are covered 500 women vegetable cultivated small and marginalised farmers in 10 villages in Kasimota, Makvarapalem and Ravikamatham mandals in Visakhapatnam District.

Project Activities:-
• Base line for the farmers data base for the project implementation purpose.
• Trainings and capacity building activities on the deferent areas.
• Formation to the Rathu Mithra Groups (RMGs) in the target villages.
• Provide linkages and marketing facilities to the target members.
• Registration the producer’s organisation with the farmers.
• Provide capital investment to the farmers for the organisation sustainable purpose.

In the project we are giving the training on non pest management and organic farming process and market linkages for their income enhancement gradually. We are creating awareness on producers’ organisation exclusively vegetable cultivation in the target area. In this activity we are planning to enhancement of their incomes and avoid the middle men exploitation.