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GO-NGO collaboration for NGO data based in the Andhra Pradesh.

GO-NGO collaboration and data based intervention.
SAMIDA was conducted the GO-NGO data base in the costal district of Andhra Pradesh with the support of the CARE India. In the activity we are created the data base of the NGOs and civil society organisation in the costal districts and submitted the data to the CARE India-Hyderabad.

We are prepared the 985 active NGOs and civil societies in the costal districts of Andhra Pradesh and we submitted the data base to CARE India-Hyderabad. It is good opportunity to our organisation to enhance our own organisational activities in other district of the Andhra Pradesh. With this activity we are very well none to other NGOs in the costal districts. With that experience we are actively involved in our GO-NGO district level committee of Visakhapatnam District.